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Need a Dropbox Alternative? Try AWS.
Amazon's Web Services has a lot to offer
May 15, 2017

Dropbox recently did away with it's Public Folders features. Public Folders provided a basic web server. A user could a drag a file into this folder and the file was magically accessible accessible via any web browser. Sure, you can share any dropbox file with a unique link, but being able to have a direct web address was special. Removing Public Folders was a huge loss for programmers/developers. Public Folders provided an inexpensive way to get access to SSL enabled web files. This was a great way to test out parsing files from IOS and Android apps to name a few uses.

Fear not, Amazon provides a service that let's you do the same thing. Though, it's not as easy to get up and running as Dropbox's Public Folder, it's not too bad. Follow the steps below and you'll be up and running in a few minutes.

NOTE: you can get a lot out of AWS using it's Free Tier Services, but look over it's pricing plan to make sure you know what you are getting into.

STEP 1: use link below to get started.



Description: Macintosh HD:Users:mmemmo:Dropbox:Screenshots:Screenshot 2017-01-23 10.12.31.png

Click Create Free Account

  Login with existing Amazon account or create new one

  STEP 2: you will have to fill out the Contact Information form.

Fill out Contact Information

Description: Macintosh Dropbox:Screenshots:Screenshot 2017-01-23 10.14.09.png

  STEP 3: you will need to fill out billing information even if you choose free tier. (I know, this is annoying).

Billing Information
Screenshot 2017-01-23 10.18.28.png

  STEP 4: you will enter cell phone and get call with a pin.

Identity Verification à will call you and ask you to enter a pin

Description: Macintosh HDDropbox:Screenshots:Screenshot 2017-01-23 10.19.21.png


Description: Macintosh HD::Dropbox:Screenshots:Screenshot 2017-01-23 10.21.50.png

  STEP 5: Pick a support plan. The basic plan is recommended.

Pick a support plan à basic is recommended for free account.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Dropbox:Screenshots:Screenshot 2017-01-23 10.23.17.png


  STEP 5: Sign into console – it will ask you what your primary task is. I put build a web app.
This give options you’re more likely to use on dashboard

Description: Macintosh HD:Dropbox:Screenshots:Screenshot 2017-01-23 19.00.05.png


STEP 6: Click on Create a website

Description: Macintosh :Dropbox:Screenshots:Screenshot 2017-01-23 19.01.02.png


STEP 7: Give it a name. I named mine learnedu

  It will populate with some starter code


Description: Macintosh HDDropbox:Screenshots:Screenshot 2017-01-23 19.02.02.png

Description: Macintosh Dropbox:Screenshots:Screenshot 2017-01-23 10.30.57.png


STEP 8: Click on Manage Files in Amaazon S 3 – Then Go ahead and upload your own files

Description: MacintoshDropbox:Screenshots:Screenshot 2017-01-23 19.04.07.png


Description: Macintosh HD:UserDropbox:Screenshots:Screenshot 2017-01-23 10.31.20.png

STEP 9: Click on your uploaded file and get public address. You're all set!
The link should look something like the link below.





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